Once upon a time castle with blue shutters.


Located in the middle of Haute Normandy, with a smotth weather, this piece of jewelry from the 17th century, which has been recently refurbish during the enlightment period welcome all year long guests with calm and well being.
Build on the bank of Andelle, a tributary from LA SEINE which travel along meadow and forest. The castle with blue shutters has the charm of the formely building but with the nowadays standard of living.
Surrounded by a vast English garden and an adjoining wood, where oak and beech trees draw the horizon
It is located an hour from Paris, and only 25 mins from ROUEN.
In la seine valley, which has inisred painters and Turner writers, such Sisley or Gauguin, or Hector Malot of Aragon, The small village of Ande is renown for its Lord history. Build up with stone wall flowered, the castle displays a beautifu terrace, from which the views on La Seine river or the Vironnay plateau are stunning.
Its elegant façade is topped with a slate roof , pierced by circular skylights that give it its charm.
The classic esthetism set the scenery of luxurious and sumptuous parties, with its 4 hectares of park, and another 10 hectares of spectacular woods to experince tour : Horse trip or long walkings…
to its hunting wing, its heated up pool, and its Tennis court, the blue shutters castle is the perfect location to free yourself with nature